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Survival Server


Since more people are playing on survival in a creative server, I decided to create the DRS Survival server, the IP is and it is whitelisted, if you are whitelisted on the main server, then you are already whitelisted here. Whitelisted.



ok but imagine this

  • dragons

hey you should start a band


Do you ever forget that you can’t speak japanese so you try to multitask while watching subbed anime and realize fuck i have no idea what just happened

aiprogramdelta asked: what is ffnet?? it doesnt sound 2 good

veteranfangirl:, which is just what it sounds like.  It’s probably the oldest still-active hub for sharing fanfiction.  It’s also easy to find and use, which means any schmuck who writes stuff that no one else wants to read can find it easily and first, so it’s 99% junk.

oooh ! I used to use that years ago but all I read were bandfics.